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Kristine Haag is a Costume Designer based in Los Angeles California.


Kristine has earned a reputation for having an excellent eye for design and a strong intuitive sense of personality and character development. An adept juggler, she is resourceful, good with people and excels in collaborating with artists while managing her team’s work under tight deadlines.


Kristine began her career with a solid foundation studying the art of script writing, characters, aesthetics and craftsmanship. She earned her BFA in costume design with a minor in fashion design from Kent State University in 2003 and received a fellowship from the University California Irvine to complete her MFA in costume design in 2006.


In the past two decades Kristine has worked on many high profile studio projects, earning two Emmy nominations for Best Contemporary Costume Design for Grace and Frankie. Kristine was also acknowledged by her alma mater Kent State and awarded a College of the Arts Distinguished Alumni Award in 2020. Additionally, she served her costume design community as an Executive Board Member for the Costume Designers Guild local 892. Kristine’s proudest accomplishments are her extensive and ever growing list of credits and the high quality production work completed alongside prominent leading members of the entertainment community.


Kristine’s favorite part about working with costumes is diving deep with collaborators to create dimensional characters and tell visually compelling stories. She is interested in human self expression and how each character’s costume informs the audience about who they are. 


The real payoff comes through the collaboration working closely with the Director, Writer,Producer, Production Designer, Director of Photography, and Cast to make each frame a well composed work art. 

The objective and intention that keeps Kristine inspired is to design intelligent thought provoking productions that invite the viewer to take a closer look at ourselves, our relationships, our culture and what it means to be human.


When not at work you can find Kristine spending time in her garden, doing yoga, meditating and spending time in nature. 

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